Download the PH Tool Fraction to Decimal Chart

Finding fractions confusing? Unwieldy? Imprecise? Today, fractional measurements are still ingrained in our everyday lives, from the hardware store to the kitchen. It’s no wonder the life of an NDT inspector is also riddled with references to 64ths of an inch, 32nds, 8ths, etc. When you need to be precise, it’s best to go for the decimal system instead. Most NDT equipment is graduated in decimals anyway, and the system has been firmly industry standard in manufacturing for decades.    

No matter how great the decimal system is, we know that fractions will continue to cling to life for years to come.  To help you interpret those pesky specs that still insist on an ancient measuring system, reach for our new Fraction to Decimal Chart.  We also included millimeters on it for quick reference!

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PH Tool Fractions to Decimal Chart